SCR Inc. repairs and maintains a wide variety of power supplies for the Aerospace and Plating industries. We also offer preventive maintenance services and regular checkups to comply with any ISO or aerospace requirements. All units are inspected, scoped, and load-tested to ensure proper operation at the end of the service call.


In addition, we offer training courses to company personnel and enable them with the knowledge to service and maintain their own equipment.


Common power supplies that we service include Dynapower, Rapid, PEC, Aldonix, and Udylite.



SCR Inc. offers affordable and flexible service solutions that can increase your market and build profitability. Our power supply service department has a successful background of assisting clients with avoiding costly downtime. We maintain a fully equipped service center, ready to repair and test all types of rectifiers and related equipment.


We provide the highest quality service, including parts at competitive rates that are designed to meet your specific needs and budget.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest value.


We offer the following services:

  • Repair: delivering prompt, technical response
  • Calibration: for optimal system performance
  • Preventive Maintenance: to ensure reduced downtime
  • Startup Assistance: that will identify and solve problems quickly


Our professional staff can complete these services to your complete satisfaction.


We provide complete turnkey installations for all types of rectifiers, including Switch-mode.


Rectifier Installation tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary connections
  • Secondary buss bar and cabling
  • Cooling system installation (i.e. chillers, cooling towers)
  • Custom racking and stands
  • Commissioning and personnel training
  • Calibrating the systems


SCR Inc. offers Preventative Maintenance services to minimize and prevent repair and operating costs. The services guarantee that your equipment is inspected and adjusted regularly to extend both the reliability and operating life of the equipment.


When potential problems are observed, corrective proactive measures must be taken in a timely manner during the preventative maintenance visit with approval of the customer.


Preventive Maintenance tasks include, but not limited to:

  • Evaluate operation of equipment
  • Inspect all connections
  • Check all interlocks
  • Check semiconductors and clamps
  • Calibrate voltmeters
  • Check all controls and indicators
  • Provide a report on current condition
  • Provide a suggested PM schedule
  • Perform operator and maintenance training