SCR Inc. offers full-calibration services to the aerospace and related industries with all equipment utilized having traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). We service calibration needs both domestically and internationally.


All calibration data is held in both electronic and hardcopy form to prevent the unlikely event of data loss. Electronic data transfer is also available depending on the customer’s preference.


All calibration certs are transferred to the customer in a timely manner.  SCR Inc. adheres to a strict, comprehensive program of re-calibration standards to ensure reliable accuracy. Documentary evidence is also provided to demonstrate this compliance should upon the customer’s requests.


In our experience, we have learned that customers require companies that can not only calibrate, but also repair and replace faulty components without having to use a third-party. SCR Inc. meets this demand by offering both calibration and repair services.

Ramp Report


Accurate and valid calibration is critical to the ongoing successful operation of your quality system. We meet this demand and offer reliable and professional calibration services, including ramp graph calibration reports, meter, voltmeter, and time/ripple meter calibration.


SCR Inc. complies with the latest AQMD requirements for amp hour meter calibration.